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2:54 AM Mon. Mar 30, 2020 (USMT)
$1,621.36 ($6.94)
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Institutional shortages of physical gold and silver have impacted hedging facilities in the New York Comex futures market, creating a unique market condition where the spot prices of gold and silver at which a physical dealer can hedge - and therefore use as a basis to price it’s products - are currently trading approximately $25 higher (gold) and 30 cents higher (silver) than what our pricing system indicates in the menu bar above.  April Gold Futures Contracts represent a more accurate price at which gold products will be priced against.  Due to these extraordinary pricing conditions, all gold and silver orders must be confirmed by telephone only.  We are closely monitoring this situation, and we will update as more information becomes available.

US $5 Indian AU/AU+

The largest grouping of nearly uncirculated (AU/AU+) $5 Indians we've ever handled, and is being offered at the lowest premium to melt value we've ever seen.
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