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July Special - 1901 Dated MS63 $20 Liberties (NGC)
Now Just 45 29 11 Coins Available! SOLD OUT


United States $20 Liberty
Grade: Mint State 63, NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corp)
Minted: 1901 (Philadelphia)
Actual Gold Content: .9675 troy ounce

Our clientele who value the notion of adding considerable scarcity at minimal cost will surely appreciate our July offer.  Featuring the largest single batch of 1901-P (Philadelphia) dated $20 Liberties in flashy high grade Mint State 63 we've ever seen in one place - Just 45 coins.  From an original mintage of just 111,430 pieces, only 4687 1901-P $20 Liberties total have achieved grade MS63 by both grading services combined (PCGS and NGC).  By comparison, in 1904, the Philadelphia mint struck a whopping 6,256,999 pieces, of which 147,215 have achieved grade MS63.  That means that the MS63 1901-P $20 Liberties offered here have a total population that is just 3.18% the size of the MS63 1904 population!

The price - $2350 per coin - represents just under a 30% premium to current spot gold.  For some historical context on that premium, during the 2008/9 financial crisis, the aforementioned far more common 1904 dated $20 Liberties in MS63 climbed to over 2.5x the underlying price of gold (see chart below).  To point, these 1901-P's still come in decisively on the low end of historical premiums for MS63 $20 Liberties - regardless of date - and represent a tremendous value for buy and hold clients who both understand and appreciate the added potential and desirability associated with scarcity at this level.