April Special Offer 
$20 Saint Gaudens - Mint State 64 - PCGS
All Coins Dated 1928

Now Just 80 32 3 Coins Available SOLD OUT

As part of this deal, we also acquired 30 mixed common date (08 N/M, 1924, 1927) MS64 St. Gaudens PCGS that we are making available at a $5 discount per coin to the prices quoted here.  Please call if you have an interest.

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*Just 14% over spot gold

Equates to the lowest acquisition premum ever for an MS64 Saint, both in dollar and percentage terms.  Also, trading within $10 of of the lowest nominal price in the past year (last traded at these prices in August/September 2018) when gold was $100+ lower!

*Rarer/Better Date - No Added Cost!

All coins are dated 1928 - according to PCGSjust 18,696 1928 dated Saints have acheived grade Mint State 64.  Compare that to the three most common dates: 1924 (pop 99,542); 1908 'No Motto' (pop 49,438); 1927 (pop 51,381).  That means MS64 1928 dated Saints are 5x as rare as 1924's, and 2.5x as rare as 1927's and '08 N/M's, yet trading for the exact same price! - which again, is the lowest price relative to spot gold for an MS64 $20 Saint EVER!

*Buy More and Save 

A 1% discount is offered on orders of 10 coins or more and a 2% discount on orders of 25 coins or more.  Standard shipping rates apply - $40 on orders under $10K, free on orders over $10K.

*Premium Potential

In 2009, common-date MS64 $20 St. Gaudens traded at a 120% premium to spot, illustrating the upside premium potential for these coins from current levels, especially during periods of elevated demand.  This potential is enhanced by the rarer 1928 dates offered here.