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4:07 PM Wed. Feb 28, 2024 (USMT)
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$22.52 ($0.05)

United States $5 Liberty
Grade:  AU
Minted:  1839-1908
Actual Gold Content:  .241875 troy ounce


  • Fractional/Divisible/Negotiable historic American coinage
  • Added liquidity advantages and premium potential associated with pre-1933 gold coin ownership
  • All coins in vistually attractive, strong AU/AU+ condition
  • Nice mix of dates ranging from 1880-1907

Commentary: It's worth noting, that as a general rule, the smaller you go in historic US coinage, the rarer and more expensive it typically becomes.  Even though a great many were stuck, given the prevalence of smaller coinage in circulation at the time of Roosevelt's recall in 1933, large swaths were easily confiscated and relegated to the melting pot.  As such, it has typically been the case over the years that smaller US coinage carries significant premiums to both their larger $20 gold piece contemporaries and even moreso to modern equivalents, especially during periods of significant demand.  To the point, thoughout 2009, during the height of the financial crisis, $5 Liberties in AU condition carried an average premium of 50% over spot gold, making this offer at 14.5% over spot gold a tremendous value.