Rock Bottom Pricing on Historic U.S. Gold 

$5 Liberties (minted 1852-1907 - .2419 ounces)

Offered at the same per unit price as modern 1/4 ounce US Eagles

Lowest premium ever on fractional historic US gold

Only 250 Now 116 36 Coins Available

Now Just 12 Left...Who wants them??


We just purchased a very limited group (just 250 coins) of the historic $5 Liberties unbelievably cheap, such that we can offer them at the same price per unit as modern 1/4 ounce US Eagles, and the same cost per ounce as a $20 gold piece - a simply unheard of acquisiton opportunity.  With smaller historic US gold coins, a large majority were melted down during the gold recall of 1933, as most coins were in circulation at the time, and easy to remove through the banking system.  As such, surviving populations of smaller US gold coins are dwarfed by that of their larger brethren.  Due to this added rarity, it is much more commonplace for a $5 gold piece to carry a significant premium to the larger $20 gold pieces on a per ounce basis, and an even more substantial premium when compared to modern bullion.  It all adds up to the most compelling offer we've ever made on an historic US $5 gold piece.  Add to it that gold is trading near it's low for the year and you have a no-brainer opportunity for the accumulation minded safe-haven gold owner. 

All coins are very lightly circulated, displaying good luster and original coin detail, and only slight wear on the high points of the coins.  Grade:  Extra Fine/Almost Uncirculated.