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Seven-Coin Mint Mark Sets from Britain

King George V
Mint Marks Pictured Left to Right:
"S - Sydney"; "M - Melbourne"; 
"I - India"; "P - Perth"; 
"SA - South Africa";  "C - Canada"; "No Mint Mark - Britain" (Not Pictured);

.2354 troy ounce per coin – 1.6478 troy ounce per set


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British Sovereign 5-Coin Type Set

In the late 1800's and early 1900's, the 'Sun Never Set on the British Empire' and the gold Sovereign was minted on every continent but Antarctica.  This seven coin mint-mark set commemorates this era in history, offering a coin from each of the seven British Mints (Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, India, Canada, South Africa, and Britain)* in high grade uncirculated condition.  Both the India mint and Canada mint Sovereigns are quite rare.  The 'I' mint Sovereigns were only minted in 1918, and had a total mintage of just 1.3 million.  The 'C' mint Sovereigns were minted predominately in 1911, though also intermittently until 1919.  Their total mintage just over 500,000 coins. 

*To make a true eight coin set, clients might consider purchase of the South American Sovereign (also know as the Colombian 5 Pesos), minted in Colombia in the early 1900's to the exact weight and specifications of the British Sovereign.


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