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British Sovereign George V "Canada Mint"
Grade range:  Uncirculated - Brilliant Uncirculated
Minted: 1911, 1913-19
Actual Gold Content: .2354 troy ounces


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The rarest of the mint-marked Sovereigns, coins minted in Ottawa bearing the ‘C’ mint mark and George V’s visage catalogue with a total mintage of just 570,000 pieces from 1911 to 1919. NGC suggests a retail price of approximately $450 for coins in similar Brilliant Uncirculated condition as those offered here making our price of roughly $350/coin a tremendous value.  These were only British Sovereings minted in North America.

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Total Mintages:
1911-C: 256,946
1913-C: 3,715
1914-C: 14,871
1916-C: 20 known
1917-C: 50,845
1918-C: 106,514

1919-C: 135,889