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French 40 Franc 4-Coin Set
Grade range:  Very Fine/Extra Fine
Minted: 1803-1839
(Napoleon I, Louis XVIII, Charles X, Louis Philippe)
Actual Gold Content: .3734 troy ounces per coin, 1.4936 oz. per set

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These French 4-coin sets span all four rulers of France from Napoleon's rule of the First Empire of France in the early 1800's to the monarchs that followed during the Second Kingdom of France (Louis XVIII, Charles X & Louis Philippe).  They also represent the totality of French coin types minted in the 40 franc denomination. 

Given their larger size (.3734 ounces), they are much scarcer than the smaller 20 franc contemporaries minted in larger quantities to serve as the tradable units of the monetary system at the time.  The extremely small mintages of all of the 40 franc coins (see mintage table to right), though especially of both the Louis XVIII and Charles X varieites, makes the compilation of these sets a near impossibility. 

It shouldn't therefore be much of a surprise that we have just three sets available at the time of this posting.