Hungary 20 Kroner
Handmade Rope Chain
+ $105.00

The Hungarian 20 Kroner is widely considered to be one of the most beautiful European coin designs from the historical era.  The reverse is stunning, featuring two Angels attending the Hungarian coat of arms. Emperor Franz Joseph is pictured on the obverse.  The Hungarian 20 Kroners are quire rare compared to European counterparts, and this item is extremely limted in it's availability here.  At roughly the size of a U.S. nickel, it is sligthly larger than our other jewelry offers, with the coin's intricate and exquisite design and detail easily visible.  

Please note:  All pendants are made to order.  Please state your preference as to which side of the coin you'd like to see as the front (no prongs, clean lines) and the back (prongs) in the special instructions section of the order form (simply state: "(left/right) of image as pictured on (front/back)").  Orders are automatically combined with chains to provide a package/bulk discount.  You do have the option to order the pendant only (by phone), but at an added cost to the price published above.