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Ten-Coin Contiguous Date Run of Mexico 50 Pesos - Brilliant Uncirculated

1.2057 troy ounce per coin – 12.057 troy ounce per set

(1922-1931: All dates of mintage except 1921)

Only 1 Set Available! This Set is SOLD!

This contiguous date run spans 10 consecutive years, 1922-1931, missing only the 1921 to be complete (Note - to the buyer of this set, you will have right of first refusal on the first 1921 we come across).  We have just one set available.

The Mexico 50 Pesos holds rank as the largest affordable pre-1933 gold coin ever produced, weighing in at a hefty 1.2057 ounces (37.5 grams). It is also quite scarce compared to it's contemporaries.  Less than 1/10 as many Mexico 50 pesos were struck as US $20 St. Gaudens during the 1920s alone.  From 1921 to 1931, just over 4.9 million 50 pesos were struck compared to nearly 50 million $20 St. Gaudens.  If you include the total mintage of $20 gold pieces across their 80 year production, the total population of Mexico 50 pesos is a mere 3% that of the $20 gold pieces. With premiums on uncirculated $20 gold pieces at times topping 50%, the opportunity for long-term premium growth in the Mexican 50 Pesos coins is notable.


The 50 Pesos gold coin honors the Centennial of the successful end of Mexico's War of Independence. "El Angel" is pictured on the coin opposite the national coat of arms. The Mexican coat of arms depicts a golden eagle devouring a snake while perched atop a cactus.