Current Spot Prices:
5:45 AM Tue. Oct 26, 2021 (USMT)
$1,804.15 ($5.14)
$24.42 ($0.23)

Four-Coin Type Sets from Mexico

2.0536 troy ounce per set

(One each of 5, 10, 20 & 50 Pesos)

All sets priced at a flat 12% premium to gold (just $145 over spot), which is equal to common historic bullion products, modern quarter ounce fractional coins, and a 5+% discount to historic US coins.  Prices will change with underlying spot price of gold. Given the difficulty in compiling these sets, as well as the inclusion of high premium components, these are a compelling opportunity for our heirloom-minded clients.  Paired with lower gold prices, this special has timing, intrigue, and scarcity all working in its favor - they're not making any more of these!