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7:07 PM Thu. May 23, 2024 (USMT)
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American Silver Eagle Type II
Fineness: .999 pure silver
Weight: 1.0 troy ounce



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Introducing the Type II American Silver Eagle.  Released July 1, 2021, this new eagle design is now available and in stock, ready to ship.  To celebrate the 35th anniversary of the American Eagle coin program, the U.S. mint redesigned its coinage, maintaining the walking Lady Liberty obverse, but featuring a redesigned reverse showcasing an eagle in flight carrying a branch to it's nest.  The coin's new reverse was designed by Emily Damstra and sculpted by Michael Gaudioso.  Quantity discounts are available on orders of 500 ounces or more.  

USAGOLD Market Note:

Upon release of the Type II Silver Eagles in July 2021, the combination of pent up demand and significant pre-order volume weighed against tight supply from a relatively slow rollout by the US Mint, and resulted in premiums pushing to $12+ per coin over the underlying spot price of silver.  Seeing that as - let's call it an 'inefficient' - accumulation endeavor for our clients, we stayed away from offering these coins upon their release.  Our hope was that as the initial frenzy abated, premiums would fade to more normal ranges and present an opportunity to make these coins available at much more reasonable prices for our clientele.  And last week, just such an opportunity presented itself with a limited batch made available to us at much more palatable rates (and silver itself is $2 lower than it was in July as well). 

Our initial research shows the price we're offering these coins to be anywhere from 50c to $2 cheaper than our primary competition, and that's before any quantity discounts.  Given that these coins will have only been minted for the latter half of this year, and that the mint will sometime in late October/early November switch it's production over to 2022 dates, we do contend that these first year of issue 2021 dated Type II Silver Eagles will likely be a relatively scarce mintage compared to past or future years.  The first year of issue 1907 dated $20 St. Gaudens can be instructive (the U.S. Mint switched from $20 Liberty design that year) - which is a rarer date in the context of the St. Gaudens series, and far rarer than the 1908 N/M second year issue coinage.  For our heirloom and long-term asset preservation minded clients, we like the idea of setting aside a sealed mint box or two and forgetting about them.  

We will continue to make these coins available as long as supply allows and we feel premiums remain attractive.  Looking ahead, the switch by the mint to producing the next year's coins often results in tighter supply and higher premiums into year end, so we’re likely looking at a brief window (maybe a month or two at best) here where these coins can be obtained reasonably.  And with silver at roughly $24 and ounce and the ratio to gold just over 75:1 as of this writing, silver itself looks to be at a reasonable entry point to boot.