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'20 Years of 1/10 ounce US Gold Eagles'
Just 6 sets remain available


American Gold Eagle Tenth Ounce

A great holiday gift option
Gold Content: .10 troy ounce (total 2 troy ounces)
Fineness: .916

Twenty consecutive year date run 1998-2017


*Contiguous Date Runs spanning 1998-2017 (Each set includes one each of every date)
*Only 20 Sets Available
*Just $3.5 per coin more than common 1/10 oz Eagles (roughly $162 ea.)

For our June special, we're pleased to make available these 20 year contiguous date runs of 1/10 ounce US Gold Eagles.  Spanning consecutive years from 1998 to 2017, we have just 20 sets available.  Each set contains 2 ounces of gold total, and each coin is priced at just $3.5 more than common 1/10 ounce eagles...a small price to pay for a difficult to assemble date run!  On average, our competition is selling dated 1/10 ounce eagles (with limited and inconsistent availability) at roughly $5 a coin more than those offered here.  No where could we locate a comparable offer in terms of completeness and affordability.