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United States $20 St. Gaudens
Grade:  Mint State 63
Minted:  1907-1932
Actual Gold Content:  .9675 troy ounce


Priced just 12.9% over spot gold - the lowest acqusition premium ever

Our November offer of MS63 $20 St. Gaudens was widely subscribed, with over 250 coins moving into private hands in just over two weeks.  Clients jumped at the opportunity to secure these coins at their lowest premium ever.  So much so that we've been on the hunt ever since to give those that missed it, or couldn't move at the time, a second chance.... 

And that day has come...we just picked up an additonal slug (albeit a very limited one) of just 50 coins - offered at the same rock-bottom premium to gold...

To get a sense of the upside premium potential presented with these coins, check out the graph below. For all of 2007 and into early 2008, they traded at a modest 25% premium to spot gold (which is still 10+% higher than current). By late 2008, as demand took off, they started to rise dramatically, quickly outpacing the gold market itself. Over the ensuing year, demand reached a fevered pitch, the gold price advanced respectably (nearly $250/oz), while MS63 $20 St's literally exploded in value. After all was said and done, MS63 $20 St's nearly double in value in just over a year, outpacing gold by an aggregate of $700 per coin, while providing an additional return of roughly 60%. 

All coins officially graded and encapsulated by PCGS/NGC

Only ~500,000 coins total have achieved grade MS 63
(PCGS & NGC combined population)

Obvious scarcity at such a low premium sets stage
for compelling double-barrel profit potential