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American Silver Eagle 
Fineness: .999 pure silver
Weight: 1.0 troy ounce

Face value: One Dollar

American Silver Eagle Coins have been produced at the United States Mint at West Point and sold in both proof and bullion finishes since 1986. They have always featured a rendition of sculptor Adolph A. Weinman's magnificent Walking Liberty design, originally prepared and executed for the Nation's first circulating half-dollar coin in 1916... widely considered one of the most beautiful American coins ever minted.

Aside from the proof version, the United States Mint does not sell American Eagle Bullion coins directly to the public. Instead, the Mint distributes uncirculated Bullion coins through a network of wholesalers, brokerage companies, precious metal firms, coin dealers, and participating banks, a network known as Authorized Purchasers. A bullion coin is a coin that is valued by its weight in a specific precious metal. Unlike commemorative or numismatic coins valued by limited mintage, rarity, condition and age, bullion coins are purchased by investors seeking a simple and tangible means to own and invest in the gold, silver, and platinum markets."

A Quick Note on Silver Prices:

The current ratio of gold to silver of roughly 80:1 is within throwing distance of most undervalued condition in the market's history.  Even a return to the historic average of 62:1 would have remarkable implications for the silver price.  In fact, widely read technical analyst Clive Maund called the current silver market ‘The most bullish set up for silver that I have ever seen.” 

Bond king Jeffrey Gundlach recently said he wouldn’t put it past gold to rise $1000 per ounce in the near future. BOA/Merril Lynch recently predicted a rise to $1450 or higher by year’s end.  Many others have predicted rises anywhere from $1500-$1900 per ounce.  Using a mid-point of these predictions of $1600 gold:  

Here’s what silver would do if:

The ratio improved to is historical average of 62:1
Gold $1600 divided by 62 = spot silver price of $25.80
(That’s a 50+% increase from current prices)

The ratio improved to it’s bull market level average (2010-2012) of 50:1
Gold $1600 divided by 50 = spot silver price of $32
(That’s basically a clean double from current prices)

And last, the ratio improved to its bull market peak of 34:1 (May 2011)
Gold $1600 divided by 34 = spot silver of $47
(That’s roughly triple current prices)


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