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Dutch 5 Gulden
Grade Range: AU/UNC
Minted: 1912
Actual Gold Content: .09735 oz.

Our October offer features a gold coin we’ve never had the privilege of offering in fifty years of business -  the Dutch 5 Gulden.  Minted for just a single year, 1912, the 5 Gulden is among the scarcest pre-1933 European coins.  Just one million were minted during it’s single year of production, with survival rates from that original mintage unknown, but assuredly lower.  Regardless of how many might actually be left, we’ve never before seen or heard of hoard like this hitting the market. 

At just under 1/10 ounce (.09735 troy ounces each), the 5 Gulden will appeal to investors looking to enhance the divisible negotiability of their holdings.  As many of our clients know, smaller European product can be rough in terms of condition, having typically seen far more circulation than larger coins – attributed to more practical value relatability to goods and services.  But this particular batch of 5 Guldens are firmly AU/UNC+, with the majority uncirculated specimens exhibiting strong luster and original coin detail.  Past all of that, as is customary of our specials, we are offering this group of 5 Gulden coins competitively on a per ounce basis with 1/10 ounce modern American Eagles.  

Historical Note: Queen Wilhelmina, no-one's fool, ascended the throne at a young age after the parliament passed a special law allowing a woman to become monarch. She first displayed an incisive intelligence during a meeting with the powerful Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany prior to World War I. Wilhelm boasted to the young Wilhelmina that "my guards are seven feel tall and yours are only shoulder high to them." To this she replied politely: "Quite true, Your Majesty, your guards are seven feet tall, but when we open our dikes, the water is ten feet deep!"

Later, Wilhelmina would display this same acumen in the world of business and finance. She amassed a fortune through various business dealings and investments that surpassed a billion dollars, making her the first female billionaire in history. She moved throughout her life in the highest circles of international finance. A courageous woman, she openly called Adolf Hitler "the archenemy of mankind" after being forced to leave Holland for England during the German invasion. She frequently spoke to her nation over radio and was widely seen as the symbol of Dutch resistance to Nazi occupation during WWII.  In 1953, when the country was devastated by floods, she bicycled the countryside at 73 years of age offering hope and inspiration to the Dutch people. Her rule lasted a remarkable fifty-eight years.