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Austrian Philharmonic
Fineness: .999 pure silver
Weight: 1.0 troy ounce
(31.10 grams)
Face value: 1.50 Euro 


The Austrian (also Vienna) Philharmonic produced by the Austrian Mint (pictured left) is among the most artistically appealing of the bullion silver coins minted for the investment market. Struck in pure silver, investors have purchased many millions making it one of the most popular silver bullion coins currently available, and the biggest seller in Europe. Its first year of issue was 2008.

Like its gold counterpart, the silver coin, designed by Thomas Pesendorfer, depicts an assortment of musical instruments, including a string bass, cellos, violins, a bassoon, a harp and a Viennese horn, on its reverse. The obverse of the coin shows the great organ of the Musikverein concert hall in Vienna, the home of the famed Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The face value, weight, fineness and year of issue are also featured on this highly liquid legal tender coin.