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7:49 PM Mon. Apr 15, 2024 (USMT)
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Colombia 5 Pesos
Stone Cutter/Bolivar
Grade Range: XF/AU/UNC
Minted: 1913-1930
Actual Gold Content: .2355 oz.

We’ve divided these coins into the three types that were minted by the Colombian government (Stone Cutter, Large Head Bolivar, Small Head Bolivar), spanning the years 1913-1930.  Also known as the “South American Sovereign”, the Colombian 5 Pesos was minted during an era when the Colombian government pegged their currency to that of Britain - the world superpower at the time - in hopes of establishing economic stability and vitality.  Carrying identical gold content to the British Sovereign, the Colombian 5 Pesos is a terrific addition for those looking to enhance the international liquidity of their portfolio.  Moreover, as the least expensive option on a per ounce basis in this month’s offer, the ideal choice for those looking to maximize their gold acquisition, while gaining the advantages of a fractional, historic bullion item.

We have availability of all three types as listed, and all priced the same per coin.  Please reference which type coins, and in what quantities you are ordering in the special instructions field or by calling our offices.  Availability of each type will be tracked in the message above.  Orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.