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French 20 Franc
Louis Philippe
Grade Range: VF/XF
Minted: 1830-1846
Actual Gold Content: .1867 oz.

Louis Philippe 20 Francs, like other coins from the era, were frequently melted down after years of circulation and recyled into current issue coinage.  Suriving populations are very limited with hoards coming available upon rare occassion.  Per usual for coins of this era, most surviving specimens are in lightly circulated VF/XF condition with coins retaining the majority of the original coin details, showing typical wear on the high points of the coin, and moderate to strong original coin luster.  Offered in our January special at rates competitive with similar sized modern bullion coins.  

Historical note: Louis Philippe ruled France from 1830-1847, his rule coming to an end after economic conditions in France deteriorated leading the French revolution of 1848 and the installment of the Second French Republic.  Coinage bearing his visage gave way to the French Ceres coins minted 1849-1851.