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French 20 Franc
Grade Range: VF/XF
Minted: 1814-1824
Actual Gold Content: .1867 oz.

Though several million French 20 Franc Louis XVIII coins were originally struck, far fewer have survived into the modern era.  Owing to the fact that a great many were melted and recast into later French coin issues, Louis XVIII 20 Francs surface only upon rare occassion and typically in very limited quantities.  All dates of issue now officially 200 years old or older, these represent one of the more affordable true aniquities from the historic European coin genre.  Per usual for coins of this era, most surviving specimens are in lightly circulated VF/XF condition with coins retaining the majority of the original coin details, showing typical wear on the high points of the coin, and moderate to strong original coin luster.

Historical Note: Louis XVIII is an historically significant figure, having ascended the throne of France in 1814 in the wake of the defeat of Napoleon and the dissolution of the First French Empire.  He ruled for 10 years and was the last French monarch to die while still reigning.