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Mexico 20 Pesos
Grade: Brilliant Uncirculated
Minted 1917-21
Fineness: .900
Actual Gold Content: .4823 troy ounce


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Rarely Seen, Highly Coveted, Undeniably Beautiful
Priced comparably to modern 1/2 ounce US Eagles

*Only 1/10 as many minted as same-era $10 gold pieces
*Gold Weight (15 Grams) printed on coin enhances liquidity

The Mexico 20 Pesos are widely considered to be one of the most beautiful coins produced in the gold standard era.  Featuring an intricate strike of the Aztec Calendar, or 'Sun Stone', these Brilliant Uncirculated examples are rarely seen.  We've only been able to offer these in small lots over the years, and they're always quickly subscribed.  At a comparable per ounce acquisition price to modern 1/2 ounce US Eagles, these are a no-doubt option in the mid-sized fractional space.  Uniquely featuring it's gold content right on the coin (15 grams), these a perennial favorites among asset-preservation minded buyers seeking broad-based recognition and liquidity.  

Larger historic coins are generally rarer than smaller equivalents.  Owing to the fact most gold coins of the era were designed to be used in direct trade for goods and services, simply put, larger coins were too valuable for practical use.  As such, there are really only three coins minted to roughly 1/2 ounce in the historical era.  The French 50 Franc, the US $10 gold piece, and the Mexico 20 Pesos featured here.  It might surprise you to learn that the Mexico 20 Pesos is actually substantially rarer (by total mintage) than the $10 gold pieces, which often fetch significantly higher premiums in similar condition.  

As contemporaries, roughly half as many Mexican 20 pesos (6.1 Million) were minted as $10 Indians (13.9 million). By including the Indian's predecessor, the $10 Liberty (minted from 1843-1907), the total mintage of $10 gold pieces increases to just over 56 million coins. With roughly 1/10 the mintage, the comparatively low premium on the Mexican 20 Pesos is made especially attractive when considering the 25% premium normally carried by $10 gold pieces in uncirculated condition.