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Silver Bullion Bars
Fineness: .999 pure
Weight:  100 troy ounces

Minted by various Comex approved refiners including Johnson Matthey,
Engelhard, Royal Canadian Mint and others.


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One-hundred ounce silver bars are the most commonly traded silver bullion item. As with any precious metals bar, it is important to purchase exchange-approved brands as they enjoy the broadest liquidity. In fact, only exchange-approved bars are eligible for retirement plans including Individual Retirement Accounts. One hundred ounce bars are also manufactured by non-Comex approved refiners, but these are recommended only under special circumstances. Most investors avoid owning the one thousand ounce bars due to liquidity, shipping and storage problems. Ten ounce bars  are not manufactured regularly by exchange-approved refiners and are usually not as popular as the one-ounce coins for those interested in smaller sized units.

Before buying silver bars, we advise speaking with one of our representatives to learn more about this tricky area of the market. Generally speaking, we recommend the purchase of silver bars only when the bars are stored at a depository and never leave the storage account, as is the case with most retirement plan purchases. We do not gaurantee repurchase when a client takes delivery of the bars and then wishes to ship and liquidate. 

A Quick Note on Silver Prices:

The current ratio of gold to silver of roughly 100+:1 represents the most undervalued condition in the market's history. Even a return to the historic average of 62:1 would have remarkable implications for the silver price.  In fact, widely read technical analyst Clive Maund called the current silver market ‘The most bullish set up for silver that I have ever seen.”