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United States $20 Liberty
Type II - 1873

Grade: AU55 PCGS
Actual Gold Content: .9675 troy ounce

Type II variety liberties that were minted from 1866-1876, and preceded the more commonly seen Type III varieties minted from 1877-1907.  The significant design difference is the currency value reference 'Twenty D.' as opposed to 'Twenty Dollars' seen on the reverse of the coins.  


  • Just 702 1873 $20 Liberties have achieved grade AU58 according to PCGS with roughly 8500 graded higher.  
  • PCGS Current Suggested Retail Price is $2,800 per coin.  These are offered at a 20% discount to that price.
  • Compare that to a common dated MS63 $20 Liberty, like a 1904.  77,000 coins have been graded MS63, with roughly 50,000 better. But these coins are priced comparatively through this offer, despite obvious additional rarity!
  • AU55 is the second highest grade score acheivable within the 'Almost Uncirculated' category and the second grade below uncirculated (MS60).  AU55 grade coins retrain lusterous characteristics and solid coin detail and offer clients the opportunity to acquire coins of greater historical significance without breaking the bank on conditional rarity.  Viewing PCGS's explanation of the grading scale can be instructive.