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United States $20 Liberty
Grade:  Mint State 62
Minted:  1850-1907
Actual Gold Content:  .9675 troy ounce

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Get the jump on inflation with an investment in graded, historic U.S. $20 gold pieces


Mint State 62 is one of the most popular grades to own for the U.S. $20 Liberty gold coins.  Given that the Liberty gold cons were minted prior to St. Gaudens, and are therefore older and experienced broader use and circulation, specimens from each conditional grade are a fair bit scarcer than a St. Gaudens counterpart.  To the point, price performance in the MS 62 Liberty is most closely mirrored by the MS 63 St. Gaudens. MS 62 Liberties are a common option for investors looking to step up slightly from raw uncirculated coinage but not pay significant added premiums. According to PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Company), less than 190,000 $20 Liberty gold coins exist in MS62.  By comparison, MS63 $20 St. Gaudens have a known population of just less than 190,000 coins.