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United States $20 St. Gaudens
Grade: Brilliant Uncirculated
Minted: 1907 - 1932
Actual Gold Content: .9675 troy ounce

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One could argue that US. $20 St. Gaudens, along with U.S $20 Liberties are the single-best portfolio choice for asset preservation/safety-net oriented owners.  Owners seeking portfolio protection are not only more likely to find value in pre-1933 gold coins ownership, and the associated insulation against the possibility of future government intervention, but they are also the most likely to participate in the periods of premium expansion last seen during similar ‘flight to safety episodes’ - namely the 2008/09 financial crisis (see graph below), as well as the Y2K period.  

Simply put, $20 gold pieces are a unique combination of one of the safest and most liquid forms of gold ownership, but also potentially one of the most lucrative - specifically in situations that safe-haven investors describe as the scenarios in which they are most likely to rely on their gold positions.  For example, individuals who purchased an AU/UNC $20 St. Gaudens in May of 2008 would have enjoyed a doubling of their investment by December 2009, during which the gold price itself had only appreciated $250/oz.

Ironically, the current low in $20 gold piece premiums, measured against an arguably undervalued gold price, in the midst of a destabilized macroeconomic backdrop, are all reminiscent of early 2008 - an environment that proved to be literally the single best ‘buying opportunity’ in $20 gold pieces in the last decade.