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4:04 PM Tue. May 18, 2021 (USMT)
$1,870.96 $2.42
$28.26 ($0.01)

Investor Note: Due to opportunities in the historic US coin market to procure discounted volume groupings, grading service preferences and date-specific options, all transactions and quotes for MS63 $20 St. Gaudens are handled via phone only. Please call with your inquiry.  


United States $20 St. Gaudens
Grade:  Mint State 63
Minted:  1907-1932
Actual Gold Content:  .9675 troy ounce



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MS63 $20 St. Gaudens are an ideal gold investment for those seeking exposure to both the gold price itself, as well as additional upside potential through the possibility of premium expansion.  Given that the Saint Gaudens gold cons were minted after Liberties, and are therefore newer and experienced less use and circulation, specimens from each conditional grade are a fair bit more common, and therefore more affordable, than a Liberty counterpart.  MS 63 St. Gaudens are a common option for investors looking to step up slightly from raw uncirculated coinage but not pay significant added premiums.  According to PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Company), slightly less than 300,000 $20 Saint Gaudens gold coins exist in MS63.

The following graph displays a twenty year price performance history for the MS63 $20 St. Gaudens gold coins, along with the gold price. 

$20 St. Gaudens MS63 Price History Graph (20 Year), shown with the price of spot gold for the same period.

MS63 $20 Saint Gaudens, like their counterparts, are near cycle lows in terms of their premiums to underlying gold value.  Their highest rarity levels were achieved in the 1980’s and shouldn’t be necessarily expected to repeat.  The graph below shows the twenty-year premium performance for the MS63 $20 St. Gaudens relative to its underlying gold content value.  The premium as listed on the y (vertical)-axis should be read as a multiplier of the gold price.  In other words, a coin premium of 2 is equal to double the gold price, and a coin premium of 4 is equal to 4 times the gold price.  Cycle lows have shown premiums on the MS63 $20 St. Gaudens as low as 1.15 (15%) over gold, while recent highs in 2009 saw premiums at 2x gold.  In recent months, premiums on the MS63 $20 St. Gaudens have begun to form what may be a bottoming pattern, as seen below.  

Track the value of MS63 U.S. $20 St. Gaudens gold coins as they compare to the price of gold with this 20 year premium history chart.