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British Sovereign Queens
(Jubilee and Veil Head design)

Grade range: Almost Uncirculated/Uncirculated
Minted 1893 - 1901
Actual Gold Content: .2354 troy ounce

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Young VictoriaThe British Sovereign Queen Victoria Gold Coins invoke a special nostalgia for a time when the British Navy ruled the seas, and the sun never set on the Empire. London flourished as the trading and financial capital of the world; Britain became the center of rapid technological innovation; and, India glittered as the Crown Jewel of the Empire. The gold Sovereign came to symbolize British financial solidity and to this day enjoys a strong international market, wide-spread recognition and strong liquidity.


One of the great, largely untouched and potentially lucrative opportunities in the field of gold investing today.


The mints were pressed to keep pace with Queen Victoria's 64 year reign. Several different portraits were utilized beginning with the Young Head Portrait (1838-1887/not shown), followed by the Jubilee Head design (left image) meant to commemorate the 50th year of Queen Victoria's rule (1887-1893) and finally the Veil Head design (1893-1901) which features the mature Victoria (middle image). All three designs display St. George slaying the dragon on the reverse (right image). The Queen Victoria sovereigns have lower mintages and are considerably scarcer than the King sovereign issues of Edward VII and George V which followed.

The Young Head is offered for sale in quantity infrequently. The Jubilee is more readily available, and the Veil head is seen more often than the rest. For the most part, the early Queen Sovereigns are either on the low end of uncirculated or circulated condition, with the Veil head variety often sold in uncirculated condition at a premium to the King Sovereigns.


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